This month was full of birthdays and celebrations and fun. H and I are out in Lancaster county as I type this, checking out trains and horses and fabric and ice cream. We head home tomorrow, and maybe I’m just viewing the month with rosy glasses because I’m having so much fun with my little sidekick. But, March rocked.

I mean, we’ve all been sick this month. That is definitely true. Colds, migraines, all the things. But I’ve picked up a few new writing assignments after trying to catch up on my rhythm post-teaching. I’ve got some fabric projects in the works I’m pretty excited about.

And H turned 4! And that was amazing! And she’s amazing, and thriving, and doing fantastically. It’s all good. I even like my outfits this month, even with an out of proportion number of leggings and cardigan ensembles. My closet is turning into a true work-at-home masterpiece. #sorrynotsorry