I’m a bit late with this, it’s been a week. It’s been a month. H turned 3, I had the stomach flu for a week, spring never came. Huge highs, some lows. I’m glad March is over, but I’m also bummed. There’s no buildup to H’s birthday anymore, and suddenly we just have a three-year-old.

And she is acting like a three-year-old. Demanding independence, learning tons of new things, but also testing boundaries. And patience. And then she switches into smushy lovebug mode and just wants to cuddle. She is an adorable roller coaster.

I wore one of my new spring dresses, my apple dress. I looooove it. It makes me want to twirl.

March was a really productive month at work, it was a month of major organizing and paperwork at home, and it was a month of celebrations. We have a lot of March birthdays on my side of the family. It was also time to start planning vacations and projects for the spring and summer.

And now, April. Spring break has started for H and I, and I’m just looking forward to warm weather and being outside more. Fewer sweaters, no more tights. That sounds amazing right now.