We had super yummy brunch at my mom’s on Easter Sunday, and my mom hid mini eggs in her dollhouse. In the morning before we headed over there, we opened H’s Easter basket and found all of the dyed egg the Easter Bunny hid in the backyard.

easter 2016 2

Lots of Easter goodies!

easter 2016 3

We got treats for Easter, too.

easter 2016 4

She had such a good time hunting for eggs!

easter 2016 5

Macaron Parlour had these amazing Cookie Monster and Totoro macarons this week for Easter. They set some aside for me, and Adam picked them up on his way home from work one day.

easter 2016 6

They were my favorite Easter basket treats! I will admit…I ended up eating most of them.

easter 2016 6

She had a Totoro. She thought the Cookie Monsters were too fun to eat, she just wanted to use the cookies like dolls.

easter 2016 7We picked up this little guy a few days before Easter. She has a stuffed Boo dog called Baby Dog, she goes everywhere with us. Now she has Baby Baby Dog.

We had a great Easter! This was the first year we really went all out at home, and she had a great time.