It’s the first week of school in my neck of the woods, my first week back in a school after a year home writing and mommying. I still have so much summer to post, and all my brain can think about right now are door decorations and library cards. But, I can’t let the whole rest of my life get derailed by a new job. So, this is what I wore last month. Thank god summer is coming to a close, I really cannot dress myself in the heat.

My one saving grace was that purple top and black striped sweater outfit, plus my new burgundy dress. Both fall ensembles, both prove that I am capable of dressing myself as long as it’s not hot outside. I could never live in Florida.

I resolve to wipe off toddler handprints from my mirror more often. Also to make my bed before taking these. Also to not look so surprised when I am taking pictures of myself.