Hamilton turned one back on January 26th, which incidentally is the same day I destroyed my laptop (more on that later). So, I’ve had his birthday pictures on my phone, but no laptop to transfer them to and blog about.

This was before he went to the groomer. His groomer visit was actually part of his birthday present, we sprung for a deep conditioning treatment and everything. On the actual day, H picked out this giant Bubble Guppies balloon for him, since it had Bubble Puppy. She thought he’d like that.

Then we took him to Petco, and let him pick out a new toy and some treats. We also got him a jumbo bag of the peanut butter Blue Dog Bakery Softies, which are his complete favorite. And, this edible doggy birthday card.

He’s been chewing on it for days and days.

Then H sang to him, with her drum, for almost a full concert length. I think he was properly feted, and we’ll have to figure out what we’re going to do next year.