I haven’t written much about BYW, the ecourse I’ve been taking for the past month. But now the class has ended, and I’m about 3 days late posting my final homework assignment. But this cold and ear infection have had me on my back all week. This is actually my 3rd attempt today to sit down and post something; I get about 5 words in and have to put my head on the desk to stop the world from throwing me off of it. Fun, right? And I’m really trying to go back to work tomorrow. So I’m kind of forcing myself to plow through (4th attempt) and get back to normal. Do colds and ear infections work that way? Do they go away from sheer stubbornness? (5th attempt).

My final homework assignment is to name 3 things I can try to change or work on with my blog by November 1st. If I’ve already started some of them, I’m supposed to list my works in progress. So here’s my list. (6th attempt).

  • Work on my photographs. I’ve been doing this already by resizing them, working on my photo compositions, and concentrating more on photo editing.
  • Work on my banner. I love the font on my blog header, but I think I’d like to work on the photo.
  • Try out new kinds of posts. I really liked the suggestions for post ideas from the class, and I tried one already with my 5 Things to Do This October. I’d like to keep it up.

Okay, that was 7 attempts. I need to go lie down and will this dizziness and ear nonsense away by 7am.