I keep asking myself this. I’ve definitely been off my A-game for the past few months, and I’m trying to figure out why.

I think I never properly switched back on after Spring Break, it was just too awesome. And then work was topsy turvy for a while with layoffs. But on Saturday I finally caught up on more than a month’s worth of blog posts in my Google Reader. I haven’t posted a recipe since May 2nd. I promised to post about spanikopita but never did. And I have photos for at least 1 other recipe sitting out there. I signed up for the Siggy Swap #2 and haven’t even gotten the fabric in for those blocks yet (thank heavens I’m helping Julie sort them at the end of next week, so I get a bit of a time reprieve there). I haven’t thrown a party yet this year. My photos are total chaos right now. And I haven’t sewn anything besides bee blocks since I made giant couch pillows in May.

So, I need to snap out of it. Especially now that summer is here, there is no excuse for continuing the runaway train that has been my attention span lately. Especially since I’ve had all of these new fabrics just sitting around, not even washed, for I don’t even know how long. And even this photo is all messy! Unacceptable!