It’s harder than I originally thought. At least, the first week is harder. So this blog might be a bit sporadic until I get this new routine down. I love the job, the kids are awesome. But at the moment my hours are gobbled up with lesson plans, cleaning out my office, finding things around the library, getting settled, and coming home to recover. Posting every day has not been happening. Plus, I haven’t quite decided what direction this blog will take now that my job has changed. I’m not doing neat programs once or twice a week with photogenic crafts to post. Will I post what I’m doing with the kids from week to week? Quite possibly. Or what I’ve done in the library, or some cool new thing I’ve found.

I also haven’t had much time to get crafty while leaving my public library gig and transitioning into this new school position. I’ve got to get on that, too. Christmas is now exactly 3 months away, and I have made zero progress since posting about my crafty intentions back in August. It might be an Amazon Christmas after all.