Because I don’t actually want to read any books for children. After finishing the fairly angsty The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, I wanted something lighter. Something without an irritating, aggressive female character who is troubled and not even remotely enjoyable to be around for 300 pages. I mean, there are troubled teens and then there are sociopaths. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the book. Fanboy was fantastic. I just needed something different.

So the first book I picked up was Elvis and Olive by Stephanie Watson. I stopped reading after about 10 pages because as soon as Annie appeared I couldn’t stand her. Natalie was just fine, but my tolerance for pushy, live-on-the-edge girls in books is low this week. As soon as she stole Natalie’s notebook to lure her into spending time with her, I had a feeling I wasn’t in the mood for this book. Especially when I think one of the main characters is kind of a bully. But then, as a kid I never liked Harriet the Spy, either. I thought she was rude and should mind her own business. So maybe I am just not cut out for books about kids who spy on their neighborhoods. Or maybe I’m a prissy goody-two-shoes. Who can say? I’m sure this isn’t how the author intended Annie to be, and I’m perfectly willing to accept that I’m just not in the mood for this book at this moment. But then I wandered around the children’s department and couldn’t find anything that struck my fancy. So what am I now reading instead? The Watchmen, of course. Light as can be.

Maybe it’s a summer thing. When the kids are back in school the wheels will turn back on.