It’s been a busy few weeks, with all of my summer writing deadlines and article edits coming up within a short window. I haven’t had much time to write here the past week. I’ve also been trying to get some quilts made and tutorials written.

So I have a few photos from summer fun that weren’t worth their own post, but are still worth remembering. We still have a month to go, but it’s been a great summer. We hit a wall the past 2 or 3 weeks because of various deadlines, but we’re coming out of it! Here’s what else we’ve been up to since school let out on June 8.


Puddle jumping in the backyard. IMG_9314

Beach explorations at Pier Village in Long Branch. IMG_9520

We found a local walking trail that was new to us, Deep Cut Gardens. IMG_9533

Very lovely there.

Cleaning the whole backyard with the hose.

Snuggling. Lots of snuggling. IMG_0150
Loud waves at Sandy Hook. IMG_0154

Water painting with squeeze bottles in the backyard. IMG_0895

Swinging with her cousin CJ. IMG_0443

Meeting the new baby goats out at her equine PT. IMG_1038

Seaside Heights boardwalk. Too cool for school.

With a month left and most of my deadlines quieting for the summer, it’s definitely time to get back to adventuring.