I haven’t blogged since Tuesday, and it’s now Saturday. Lots of things have been happening, but I’ve been exhausted and trying to build my energy back up. So, no blogging. I’m feeling so much better than last week, and this week has been a good one. But last weekend was pretty good, too, and I’m really behind on my posts.

Last Saturday we drove over to Sandy Hook for lunch (it’s about 15 minutes from us).

We had lunch at the Seagull, the restaurant out on Sandy Hook. They’re still opening up for the season, so it was understaffed and a bit of a wait. But that was fine, we just people-watched and looked at the water.

This mother and daughter (I assume) set up camp right in the parking lot. We had no idea why.

Chicken fingers and my flounder sandwich. Pretty good.

Looking out at the water. I had the little camera with me, so this isn’t the best photo. But you get the idea. It was a nice Saturday, I love living by the beach in the pre-season.