Our Christmas photos! This is the entire glorious whirlwind of holiday spirit that I haven’t already posted.

Christmas 2015 25

Christmas 2015 3

Christmas 2015 2


We added our first inflatable to the yard this year. Christmas Yoda!Christmas 2015 1

I put together the traditional teacher gifts of scones, jam, and Starbucks cards.

Christmas 2015 20

Christmas 2015 19

I sent some of those ginger cookies I made to a couple of wonderful editors I worked with this year, too.

Christmas 2015 21

I stopped getting regular manicures back in January when I counted up how much money I spend on my nails in a year. This was also when I counted up how much I spend on hair products. Let’s just say it was shocking. But I always thought I was terrible at doing my own nails, and then I decided to try Jamberry right around Thanksgiving. Now I’m obsessed with nail decals, and I’m getting much better at just painting my own.

Christmas 2015 24

Our holiday card this year serious and adorable on the front.

Christmas 2015 23

And a little irreverent inside.

Christmas 2015 22

A couple of days before Christmas H and I headed into the city. She came with me on a writing assignment, but then we had our regular annual trip to the Union Square holiday market. I didn’t think we’d make it this year, it was down to the wire.

Christmas 2015 14

Christmas 2015 15

Christmas 2015 16

Christmas 2015 17We also hit up Books of Wonder and got a new Elephant and Piggie book.

Christmas 2015 18We had a wonderful Christmas Day with family. H got a play kitchen from Santa, and it took most of the morning to lure her out of her bedroom to open more presents. She opened one every couple of hours and didn’t finish them all until Boxing Day.

Christmas 2015 12

She played in the driveway with her new tricycle because it was about 70 degrees on Christmas morning.

Christmas 2015 9

I love her new Wonder Woman mask from My Wonderland Boutique. Excellent dress up box addition.

Christmas 2015 13


She got a new Equestria Girl doll, which was added to the collection. She camped out at the dining room table after dinner playing with the girls, all the Christmas cracker prizes, and her new Octonauts polar vehicle.

Christmas 2015 6


She got a sparkly new purse, which now goes with her everywhere.

Christmas 2015 30

Her new Bat signal nightlight was also a huge hit. Now she always knows Batman is keeping an eye out for her.

Christmas 2015 7

I got a Silhouette Cameo! There will be much cutting and designing as soon as I clean my studio and find it a home.

Christmas 2015 11Adam gifted me a pair of Margaux custom shoes, so I’ve been spending two days deciding on a color so I can measure my feet and order. I think I’m going with red. I’m obsessed with these, I cannot wait to see how well they fit!

Christmas 2015 26

I love my new orange headphones, too.

Christmas 2015 10My stocking was full of planner supplies.

Christmas 2015 5

Christmas dinner! I made trifle, too.

Christmas 2015 8I put the carcass on for a full 24 hours to make stock in my crockpot. It came out fairly amazing.

Christmas 2015 27

We had lunch today at my mom’s and did a little more exchanging. H got this year’s Hess truck!

Christmas 2015 29She left Nana’s with a fresh-baked cookie in each hand, pinwheels and chocolate chip. How else do you leave Nana’s at Christmastime?

Christmas 2015 28Now we’re cleaning and organizing and getting ready for a new year. On Tuesday we’re having a Christmas brunch with my extended family and Adam’s, and then it’s time for New Year’s festivities. I can’t believe it’s almost 2016. Merry merry to you and yours!