I never posted this one, but I participated in the latest #makeaquiltmakeafriend swap through Instragram during the fall. In November I mailed off this mini Tula Pink sampler made with Cotton + Steel prints to my swap partner @Tripleee80.

schnitzelboo 8

schnitzelboo 6

schnitzelboo 4

schnitzelboo 9Then I made this tea wallet to go with it.

schnitzelboo 3

And in return, my swap partner @robyntischner sent me this!

schnitzelboo 2

I love that little Queen’s Guard print. And the backing is Daleks!

schnitzelboo 1

I was down to the wire getting this done after 3 months to make it. This was a great swap, but I’m not sure if I’ll do it again. I think if I do I’ll wait a little while.