So here’s the thing about November and December: they were kind of the worst.

H spent 2 nights in the hospital the week before Christmas having some tests done. Everything came out clear, but we were still camped out in a hospital room with our little girl. And we may have more tests ahead of us. Nothing life threatening, but still awful. That photo above was when we first checked in, before she was all hooked up to wires.

Adam was away for a week on a business trip, so December sort of went, find out something might be up with H. Adam goes on a trip. Take H to doctor on my own and stress, Adam comes back, hospital. Yeah. It was a LOT.

I actually gave notice at my teaching job in early November, for various reasons. I’ll be working from home in 2016. Instead of finishing up in January as planned I was released from my 60 days notice early so I could deal with H’s medical stuff. It’s a pretty wonderful thing my district did for me, but it also means I didn’t really get to finish up in that job the way I would have liked. Most of the kids will come back from break with no idea that I’m not coming back.

Then a few days after the hospital, on the 23rd, I had to get this gross lump removed from my finger. I pinched it back around Halloween, and this mass of scar tissue and blood vessels formed. It was incredibly painful getting it removed (if you’ve never had a shot of anesthesia in a finger wound, keep it that way). I almost fainted in the office. And it looks like the stitches have popped, so I may need to go through it all over again. And on top of ALL THAT, there’s a chance that the lump may grow back. And I’ll have to do it all over again. Oh, so much fun.

So, the end of 2015 did not go exactly as I’d imagined. We’ve had a wonderful holiday season in spite of all of it, and I’m trying to focus on all the awesome wonderful things, but I will be pretty happy to say goodbye to this one. Fingers and hospital visits may be in our future, but for now I just want to close the door on this year. Meh.