Last night Julie, Candi, Tricia, and I (all Philly Mod Guild chicas) spent 6 hours sorting out 13,000 quilt blocks at Julie’s parents’ house. The blocks were from the 2nd Modern Siggy Swap, which Julie organized.

O. M. G. (Candi took that 1st photo). We left just before midnight, and I got home around 1:15 this morning. We were completely delirious by the time we’d finished sorting everything, and I wish I could remember some of the one-liners flying around that table. But we got it done (except for the stuffing in envelopes and mailing part). I can’t imagine Julie sorting all those blocks herself, and I actually had a crazy good time (despite my whining). These ladies crack me up.

At one point I threw my camera at Julie so she could take a picture of me sorting, so I could prove I was really there. She kept trying to get me to look natural, but we were just way beyond that by this point. I think I may have been slightly hysterical, I’m not sure.

And these were my Siggy Swap blocks which, I’m embarrassed to admit, I just made yesterday afternoon before driving out to PA. And apparently I have the biggest, fattest fabric marker on the planet, so my blocks stick out a little.