Sirloin steaks were on sale at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago for $6.99/lb. This was too good a price to pass up, so I bought them without having any idea what I’d do with them (I usually keep to my lists and my recipes for the week).

So this is what I did with it, the 2nd night of Richard and Amanda’s week with us:

I marinated the steaks in salt, pepper, and peach balsamic vinegar and basil olive oil from Carter & Cavero, my favorite local store. I probably should have marinated them longer, but dinner was thrown together last minute that night.

Then I made a giant caprese salad with local fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and drizzled it with basil oil and lemon balsamic from C&C. Adam grilled up the steaks to perfection (he is such a grillmaster). Then I sliced the steaks, plopped them in the middle of the platter, and sprinkled basil from my herb pot over the whole thing.

Then we ate the whole thing with some crusty bread out on our patio furniture. First grilling of the season, first home-cooked dinner on the patiom, first use of the actual table.