I’m really liking this new caprese with prosciuttoSaturday Night Dinner plan.

Tonight I just made a super simple caprese salad with the most amazing local tomatoes. Whole Foods had great New Jersey tomatoes from a local farm, I wish I’d made a note of which one.

Two tomatoes, 1 half pound ball of fresh mozzarella, 10 slices of prosciutto, salt and pepper, olive oil (lemon from Carter & Cavero) and balsamic (tangerine from C&C), and some parsley (I forgot to pick up basil). Serve on a festive dish, like this one from Fish’s Eddy (a bridal shower gift that I use constantly).

I always have prosciutto on hand, it’s a Reeve family addiction. And I also always keep a few loaves of Whole Foods frozen baguettes in the freezer. I heated one of those up, and we had some fresh crusty bread with the salad. Awesome!