Yesterday we finally woke up to some snow, and now we’re waiting for Winter Storm Juno to pummel the Northeast tomorrow afternoon. My school district has already called an early dismissal for 1pm tomorrow, it’s going to be bad. But yesterday, with the 2 or so inches we got here by the shore, H and I went out for a bit to stomp around in it.

snow 2015 1

This is my new favorite photo of H ever. In snow pants and boots, on tippy toes peeking out the back door, anxiously waiting for me to finish getting us dressed yesterday morning to go outside to dash about in the white stuff. This photo is pure childhood.

snow 2015 2

The backyard 5 minutes after H got outside. So many footprints, she went all over.

snow 2015 3

She made some good tracks around the yard before demanding her stroller from the garage. She wanted me to push her to the playground in it, she’d had enough of this snow walking business. We came inside after that and enjoyed looking at the snow instead of playing in it.