It’s December 20th already?! How did that happen? I’m finally getting some steam back today, and I think I’m just running on adrenaline knowing there’s only 1 more day until winter break. H got a second tooth last week, and as of yesterday we think she’s working on a 3rd. Plus, since the stubborn little thing will NOT eat solids, she’s starting to get extra hungry just drinking milk and formula. So, this basically means a LOT of waking up in the middle of the night this month. On top of stomach bugs and all kinds of other excitement.

So I never posted about our trip to get a tree on the 2nd (you didn’t miss much excitement on H’s part).

Or Adam’s excellent job on the lights that same afternoon. My mom came over to see them lit up that night.

I haven’t even posted any pictures of H’s first impression of the tree that day.

This one was taken last Saturday, the day she turned 9 months (and I never posted a photo of that, either!).

So, yeah. Behind at life, failing at the holidays, etc. etc. No, not really. Just very sleep deprived, busy, unable to get much done. But I’m really starting to get excited about Christmas! I’ll post more tomorrow.