I have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas, but not a lot of pictures. It was a small and cozy holiday this year, with Adam and I sleeping in (till 9:15) and opening our presents while eating chocolate croissants and pumpkin muffins, with For Your Eyes Only on in the background. Perfection, we definitely embraced the idea that this is the last quiet holiday we’ll be having for many years. My mom came over at 2 for a roast chicken feast (note to self: 8 lb. chickens DO exist, and they take about 2 hours to roast at 375 with another 15 minutes at 450 for super crispy skin). Really crispy roast potatoes, sausage balls, cippolatas wrapped in bacon, peas. It was great!

Adam gave me lots of Blu-Rays to watch (the Alien anthology, the complete Harry Potter set–both British versions with more features–, Elf). He also gave me the Kate Spade bag I’ve been lusting after (and I got the pink planner from my in-laws, thank you thank you!!) and a new iPhone speaker for my school library. And the Lullaby Prenatal Music Belt, which is really cool–I recently learned that this baby likes to dance to Katy Perry songs. Who knew?

I made Adam a special British quilt this year, which is my new favorite quilt ever. I’ll post more on that separately since it was 2 years in the making, but here’s a peek.

I got tons of help from my brother-in-law Morgan with that project, and he also helped me make this super special print of the London tube map for Adam (and H). He replaced station names with notes on Adam’s life in that city (“Daddy’s University”, “Daddy’s Old Flat”). Adam loved it, and we’ll be framing it and hanging it in the baby’s room. Again, I’ll post pictures when I think to take some good ones. I do have one pic of Adam’s face when he opened the gift, but I’ve decided to save that one for myself.

And, of course, there was trifle.

I ran out of steam last year and didn’t make the trifle, and I’ve been hearing about it all year. So of course it made its 5th appearance this year. And I must’ve finally gotten the hang of this dessert because it came together in less than 2 hours yesterday. Win!

I love Christmas, I love my husband, I love my family. It’s my favorite time of the year, but now that it’s come and gone I won’t lie…I’m ready for 2012 to get here already so I can meet this baby!!