So I turned 34 on February 10th. Quite a different year from last year. And there was quite a lot of celebrating this year. I had a great one!

My birthday weekend started with a big snow storm on Saturday the 9th. So we had a great time playing in the snow with H and trying out her new baby sled.

Then we spent the rest of the day staying warm inside, and I went ahead and opened my gifts that night since we had a big day planned for my actual birthday.

Some really great birthday goodies this year, my family is just the best!

We went to Adventure Aquarium in Camden on my birthday. Such a great view of Philly.

We went for the special turtle exhibition, but also because H is a HUGE fan of Finding Nemo. We wanted to show her some real Nemo fish.

She liked them.

It was so much fun!

Then we went into Philly to have cheesesteaks at Pat’s. It was gorgeous weather, cold but not too cold. I had a really great day.

Then last weekend 10 of us gathered at the American Museum of Natural History for a Stray Boots scavenger hunt. I was so excited to do this, and it worked out perfectly. We booked a group event with Stray Boots, and all of the clues were through our cell phones. So we divided into 3 teams and took separate routes through the museum, answering questions and doing photo challenges. My team finished second but actually won with a perfect score! Adam, Dan, and I ended up on a team together, and we had a blast. This photo is from one of the challenges, pretending to hold up the giant canoe.

This was another awesome day with the one unfortunate wrinkle of lunch. We went to the 72nd St. Dallas BBQ for lunch after the hunt…and I got food poisoning. I actually went home sick from work Monday because of it, but fortunately I was fine by Tuesday morning. The one blip on an otherwise perfect birthday season, do not go to that restaurant if you value your intestinal health. But, it still didn’t take away from an awesome time. What are you going to do?