After getting snowed out the first time we finally had my birthday party yesterday. It was fabulous, possibly the best birthday party I’ve ever had.

Adam and I went into Manhattan early yesterday morning to get our taxes done (hooray for refunds!). We got a hotel in the city so we could stay overnight and not stress about getting the train back. That Priceline pick your price feature is awesome.


A traditional birthday lunch at A Salt and Battery (although usually it’s Adam’s birthday lunch).


They had deep fried Cadbury cream eggs. I decided to splash out and try one on my birthday celebration day.

It was awesome.


Ten of our nearest and dearest (including us) gathered in the village for Accomplice: The Village. I cannot recommend this show enough, it was fantastic! I’ll try not to give too much away with my photos and post. But a “tour guide” met us at a predetermined spot. Then a mystery fell upon us, and we spent the afternoon going from location to location gathering clues to solve the puzzle.


My brother and I had a great time.


One of the actors in the show, he was fantastic. Very sketchy.


A psychic gave us clues (my friend Laura Ann took great notes). And the psychic was fabulous, she did astrological readings for all of us. She was dead funny, and some of her observations were right on. She said since I’m an Aquarius I’m not very organized, but I’m very creative (I actually try to be organized, but it takes a lot of work). Adam is a Libra, so he lives to make me happy. My friend Maggie is a Taurus, the bull, and she’s naturally a get-things-done kind of person. Laura Ann is a Capricorn, very determined, always has a plan. And on and on for all 10 of us.  Then she looked into her “crystal ball” and told us where to go next.


The show was really clever. We had a few stops for drinks and coffee. This was one of the characters we met when we stopped. That’s hot chocolate whipped cream he’s wearing.


Our friend Dan got to be part of the show with this guy, who had a great stand-up routine. He was hilarious, and he and Maggie went back and forth a little about his accent. There was a minute there when we weren’t all sure what was serious and what wasn’t. So that’s Dan’s “What’s going on?” face before we realized it was a joke.


The ladies giving our stand-up guy some good ribbing.

aquanet clue

Laura Ann hunting for clues.


Dan wears a clue.


Posing with some of the cast at the end. You couldn’t ask for a better afternoon, they really were great to us. And we had a lively group, I think we definitely kept them on their toes. We were the last show of the day and would have loved to stay and hang out with the cast and crew. But we had a dinner reservation to get to! A bummer, they were wildly entertaining.


We had a delicious dinner at Agave, one of my favorite spots. And Laura Ann surprised me with personalized cupcakes from (of course) Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I’m definitely obsessed with them.


After dinner some of us went to The Slaughtered Lamb to keep the fun going. Everyone kept threatening to give me a birthday spanking, why is that still a tradition? Anyway, eventually I gave up and just joined in the fun.

If you ever go to this bar, try to get a table with Izzy. She is the best barmaid I think I’ve ever had. She made the day even that much more fun.

So today we’re back home and recovering from a long, memorable, excellent party. But maybe next year I won’t plan anything quite so dependent on the weather. After Friday’s storm (and snow day AGAIN), we almost didn’t celebrate yesterday, either. Oh, to be a February baby.