I couldn’t have asked for a nicer first Mother’s Day (despite bad camera phone photos). I spend a lot of time thinking about being a mom, how my family has changed and grown, how much I love that little face that’s so much like Adam’s. But on Sunday I just wanted to be with them, making memories and not thinking so much.

I loved getting my card. And this was my Mother’s Day present, which I really wanted:

It’s a silver calendar pendant by Dalla Nonna, with a sapphire over H’s birthdate to match the stones in my engagement ring. I stumbled on this jeweler while looking at something else on their site from a magazine. And this is the perfect, cool, unexpected take on the mom jewelry trend for me.

After cards and gifts we went to Point Pleasant to walk the boardwalk and get some good beach eats. It was too cold for the sand, but the weather was gorgeous nonetheless.

We made sure H was prepped for sun, with baby sunscreen and the works.

We people watched while eating outside at Martell’s.

I got some cake pops and fudge on the boardwalk.

And we just walked the boardwalk, having a great time.

It became more and more packed as the afternoon went on, with some less-than-relaxed moms running around, so we headed home around 3 to put on jams and watch the Spanish F1 Grand Prix.