April 16th was the 4th anniversary of this blog, but once again I completely forgot about it. This year I had a good excuse, though, what with this whole situation. But I’ve been feeling sentimental and nostalgic lately and needed a reason to look back through the whole history of this blog. When I started The Orange Room we’d just bought the house 5 months before and been married just shy of a year (next Saturay it’ll be 5 years!). I was still working in a public library, and there was no H. Much has changed. So I started a new project.

After everyone here went to sleep the other night I spent hours putting together this Crafty Index (Fun Fact: Librarians live for indices). I keep track of all the books I read from year to year, but I’d long forgotten some of the first things I sewed when I started this blog. And except for The Infamous Christmas Apron the start of this blog was basically when I started sewing. The past couple of years I’ve done a New Year’s post listing the crafty progress of the year, but I wanted to see it all. Everything sewn, knitted, crocheted, cut out of paper, and my favorite recipes, too (not every recipe–just the standouts).

I kind of geeked out seeing the last 4 years of my life flash before me in a series of posts. I know Kathy and my mom are the two people who read this blog, but I love having this record to show H someday. Of course by then it will probably have been replaced by some virtual reality home for memories. But blogging is the new photo diary for me, and seeing the stuff I’ve made is pretty cool.