I have been running around like a headless chicken all week getting ready for the big Thanksgiving extravaganza at my house. Which actually means 6 adults and a 4yo, but I cooked all week and retrieved British in-laws from the clutches of the Newark airport. I am just now posting some photos from my annual trip to see the parade balloons inflated, which was pretty great because I’m keeping the tradition alive for baby H.

I love this picture, it’s going in the baby book.

This year my mom came, too.

So did my brother and my niece Grace.

And my brother’s fiance Kathryn came. She’s pregnant, too! She’s 10 weeks behind me, so H is getting a baby (girl) cousin in May. She also didn’t know I was taking this picture of her, but my mother flashes the smile in true Carney family tradition.

It was cold and drizzly, I got all tangled up with my in-laws and missed them at the balloons, but this is still my absolute favorite NYC thing to do. Period. I had dinner with Adam and his parents at PRINT, too, which was really fun. I went there a few weeks ago with Meredith and Laura Ann.

It was a really fun day!