We were supposed to leave at 6 this morning to fly here:

The Almond Beach Resort in Belize. But because of this:

we’re doing this instead:

So we won’t be going to Belize this week, but we’re making the most of it.

My father-in-law loves a holiday cigar, no matter what the weather. So he watched his sons shovel our driveway.

I made the rest of the Christmas Day sausage stuffing meat into patties and fried them up for breakfast.

I also made patties out of the rest of the Christmas mashed potatoes (and added 1 egg for binding, all Adam’s idea) and fried up some mashed potato cakes. We also went through all the remaining English bacon in the house. The boys needed a big meal to prepare them for hours of shoveling. They’ve just come back inside now and are having showers, Adam’s stepmother is making tea and hot chocolate for them, and I’m attempting to boil their soaking, stinky clothes in our washing machine.

But from here on out it’s PJ’s and relaxing. But no tropical paradise, unfortunately.