When I bought my Kate Spade Taxi Mittens it was my first Kate Spade item. When I was in college at UGA and didn’t have a lot of money, I always envied the southern girls with Kate Spade bags in my sorority. I saw it as a sign of affluence, and as I’ve gotten older that brand has still held a certain something for me. Even as I’ve been able to afford such things to a certain degree, I’ve gravitated to other brands and never taken the leap with Kate. Not sure why, but buying those mittens has apparently opened the flood gates!

Adam bought me this Knightsbridge Quinn purse for Christmas, to match my mittens. And I’m in love with it!

I loved my mittens so much that Adam and I bought this Snowball pair for my friend (and my brother’s girlfriend) Kathryn, who is a complete snow bunny.

Not a bad way to start the winter.