I don’t know why, but when I realized what today’s date was I had to get out of the house. I didn’t realize it was October 10, 2010 until nearly 4pm, but then I had this need to go pumpkin picking. It’s entirely possible that the remaining fuzziness from this week’s cold led to this decision an hour or 2 before farms were closing for the day, but nonetheless. And Adam, patient man that he is, humored me. So we went to Dearborn Market, one of my favorite local spots, and pumpkins were got. So were lots of other goodies. Now I feel like it’s October.

The mums and greenery were just awesome.

So was this grilled brat that Adam devoured. With some help from his darling wife.

But mostly he did the devouring.

This preying mantis on the gorgeous red and yellow mums we bought was doing some devouring of his own. Seriously, he was eating a fly right there while I was trying to photograph him.

I was going to buy some apples to make pie, but then we saw these small apple crumb tarts in the bakery and decided not to mess up the kitchen (ha!).

Oh, yeah. And pumpkins, too. We bought 4 big ones, I’ll probably carve them in the next week or 2. I made Adam take a picture of me putting one on the porch, so it looks like I actually helped carry things.