…as a Marc Jacobs fan. Thanks to Kathy, who met me in the West Village today to visit BookMarc, Jacobs’s new stationery/bookstore across the street from Magnolia. We had a time and did a little economy boosting.

I’m actually really impressed with this super edited collection of on-trend stationery, perfectly edgy art books, and fashion tomes (I may need the Pucci and Hermes Scarf books for Christmas).

I. Mean. Marc Jacobs colored pencils, notebooks, and even branded Sharpies? I was in cool nerd heaven and bought a huge sketchbook, a new small notebook, and several keychain sharpies. And a Guy Bourdin book for Adam. Which turned out to be a complete find, it was their last one & is actually out of print (Amazon’s cheapest used copy is $45, I snagged this one new for $25). Adam did alright out of today’s adventures, we went to Myers of Keswick after this and stocked up on his favorites, too.

This is Kathy’s “I made out like a bandit” pose. Marc Jacobs does something to her.

And, of course, I needed a photo with my 1st ever Marc Jacobs bag. Okay, not the buttery leather variety in the women’s accessories store across the street (also went there), but it’s a start.

We walked around a little until we found this really cozy restaurant. Seriously delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with the works for a great price, I highly recommend.

Today was perfect. I hardly ever see Kathy these days, we really need to fix that.