So…I’m a little burned out this week. Work (hopefully) slows down for me now until the end of May/beginning of June when I start summer reading book distribution. But I’m still so tired from Dr. Seuss Day festivities and my 2 other big weeks-and-months-long projects that I finished last week. So I haven’t posted much this week, and my thoughts are still kind of jumbled. So here are some random things.

The March 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine published this handy quick-reference for stir fry,


which was really handy after  my wok and rice cooker gifts from Adam. So last week I made pork with peppers, onions, and snow peas in spicy sauce. It was excellent, but Adam still had to make the rice. I couldn’t mentally get there yet.


I’ve kind of put tidying the library on hold the past few weeks, so now all of my “To Be Reshelved” shelves look like this:


I’ve had students helping me reshelve, but this is a checkout week. So the book returns keep on coming. Next week I hope to be back to my regular scheduled programming (and energy level), so I’ll work on this. I have 10 shelves that look like that.

And the Rainbow Quilt is really giving me trouble!


The few grid lines I have managed to sew are crooked and odd, and I’m still trying to solve the problem. This is what I have resorted to:


I used my biggest bias tape maker wedged next to a ruler so I could get the ruler to line up where I wanted it on the left side of the needle. Then the whole thing is rubber-banded AND covered in painters’ tape to keep it on. Is it helping? Not really. I bought a chalk line from Lowe’s last week, and that’s the next thing I’m going to try. But at the moment I’m just staring at this quilt in frustration, so I’m not sure yet when I’ll actually get back to it. I’ve been passing out from exhaustion pretty much every day this week after school, so I haven’t even touched the quilt in a week.

It’s just been that kind of week around here.