pillowfightI don’t know why, but I feel like this year everyone I know is struggling to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe too many people are just feeling beaten down after a tough economic year here in America. Maybe it’s the crazy weather, which can jump from freezing, torrential rain to near-spring temperatures and sunshine in a matter of hours (really, that’s what happened today). Maybe it’s everyone getting sick and being on H1N1 alert. But it’s been tough getting the holiday cheer going this year, and I’ve definitely been feeling it. You may have noticed that I haven’t made anything for anybody this Christmas. Last year I made almost everything, and this year I don’t seem to be able to plan and get organized. Being sick the past couple of weeks has NOT helped clear the cobwebs in my brain enough to get creative, and I’m only now starting to come out of this fog and think about the holidays. With just 2 weeks left. Not even that long, my family is having Christmas this coming Saturday since Adam and I will be overseas for the holidays. So I’ve got 3 days to make/find the perfect gift for my 2-year-old niece. I’m drawing a blank, which is really unlike me.

LAMheelsI have found some fun stuff for giving, though. We’re addicted to Threadless t-shirts here in the Reeve household. The above design for the Pillow Fight tee is my favorite, I have that shirt along with several others. But we’ve been stocking up on tees as gifts. Our friend Dan (of the turducken/bacon explosion fame) got this one. Some other folks on our list will also be on the receiving end, but I won’t post those until they’re given.

I’m also really into the Adopt-a-Building option from the Queens Museum of Art. We’re still working on that one for some folks. And I gave my bestie Laura Ann these fabulous feels from Nine West. They were having incredible sales in-store on Black Friday, and I won’t tell you what I paid…but it was a steal for some seriously cute shoes.

My mom is done, my nephew is done, Morgan’s partner Kate is done, my brother is done. So I still need to finish Adam’s entire family, Adam, my niece, my aunts, and several friends. Plus my Secret Santa at work. I’d better get to it….