Adam (poor guy) has spent the whole weekend building me a new computer from scratch. It’s Sunday night and he’s still going, but it looks fantastic.

He’d bought some parts recently to upgrade his machine, and his old parts (which are miles above mine) are getting recycled into a brand new orange case from New Egg. My old (current) computer couldn’t play DVDs very well, and it was a lot slower than it could be. So he wanted to do this for me, and it should have taken him half a day. But the first hard drive crashed, and the project has just become this beast that took over his weekend. And despite his frustration, he’s still pushing through so I can have my shiny new computer. It’s almost done now, and to make up for it I bought him some Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes while I was in the city today.

new computer 1

Just starting, nothing exciting in there yet.

new computer 2

Getting there. Motherboard is in.

new computer 3

Tidy wires. Now it’s just installing Windows 7 and moving over all my data. That’s when it crashed last night, but so far so good with the new hard drive. I love that he just has spare hard drives lying around.