zombieland-posterThis movie is made out of awesome.

We saw Zombieland last night and loved it. I can’t remember the last time I cringed and laughed out loud during the same movie. Probably not since Army of Darkness.

This is far and away my favorite Woody Harrelson role ever. It’s like he was born to play Tallahassee, the zombie killer extraordinaire. Everyone here is perfectly cast, the movie looks slick and gory, and the jokes are perfectly timed and long-awaited. Why aren’t there more movies with rules like Columbus’s for surviving a zombie apocalypse? Why aren’t more zombie movies this funny? The methods for getting rid of the undead are over-the-top gross and at the same time hilarious. I was laughing while covering my eyes from the gore. This movie was a great roller coaster of a ride, I loved it.