I’m kind of developing a crush on Simon Pegg because of this movie. I watched it last weekend in between marathon sessions of Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and The Rachel Zoe Project. I never got around to seeing this or Shaun of the Dead until this week, and while I thought Shaun of the Dead was just okay I thought Hot Fuzz was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry I didn’t watch it sooner.

The idea of setting a buddy cop movie in a quiet little English village is twisted in all the right ways. It’s like Ben Stiller’s really good satires but with a wicked and decidedly English edge. And might I just mention that I find very few “comedies” actually funny in any way, but I find a good deal of what Ben Stiller does to be dead on hilarious (Zoolander, Mystery Men, Tropic Thunder)? So that comparison means I really, really loved Hot Fuzz. I may go watch it again right now. I am now waiting for the next Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright/Nick Frost extravaganza.

I went searching on Rotten Tomatoes for reviews, and there was a quote from Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle that summed up my personality so perfectly that I had to include it in this post.

“Only people who have an equal fondness for strolls through English cottage gardens and Dirty Harry movies are going to fall madly in love with the film, but just about everybody is going to like it.”

I fell madly in love with the film.