dahliaI’m really excited about this one, but it keeps drooping over. I need to get out there and build up some more soil around it so it’s better anchored. Especially before that next bud opens up. At the moment a strong breeze knocks it right over. It was fine until this flower bloomed, and now it just can’t stand up under the weight. But man, this flower is gorgeous. I’ve been waiting for these yellow/white dahlias to bloom since I planted the bulbs 3 months ago.

So my tulips bloomed and faded, my lilies bloomed and faded, now my dahlias are starting to bloom. I still haven’t planted anything like annuals, and I need to weed again. Actually, it’s more grass overrunning the flower bed than weeds. It’s filled with clover, too. All this rain isn’t helping keep it out.