lilies looking goodBut look how great the lilies are doing! And these are just some of them, we’ve got at least a dozen.

I went out to weed the big flower bed this evening and to check on the lilies. They look fantastic, like they’re ready to bloom any day now. But I didn’t know that some of the dahlias I planted were starting to come up as well, and while I was pulling up the weeds I yanked one of the dahlia bulbs right out of the ground. I replanted it carefully, but I have a feeling that poor flower is not going to make it. It made kind of a horrible ripping sound at the roots.  Ugh, and the dahlias are what I’m most excited about, they’re a yellow/white hybrid that looks so cool.

The tulips are done for the year, so I think I’m going to plant some annuals in that flower bed over Memorial Day weekend. I hate waiting for the lawn and garden to fill up over time. That’s the drawback to moving into a brand new house with new landscaping. It takes years to make a garden, to grow a good lawn. I’m impatient.