I love this time between Halloween and the full sprint of the Christmas season. It’s not quite time yet to scramble for presents and decorate everything in site. It’s cozy, November is pure fall weather, and the leaves are still bright and everywhere on the ground. But I feel crafty, and I’m in the mood to be out trekking around the neighborhood, and the woods nearby. I had a batch of leaves ready to go, so when my nephew came over last week for a playdate after school I decided to make some turkeys.

So I’ve been taking trips out with H and Hamilton–sometimes together, sometimes not–to pick up leaves.

First I preserved the leaves by ironing them with wax paper and spraying them with sealing acrylic. I even made a video for how to do that, because I am top of things this month!

Then I used my circle cutter (which I think is discontinued now) to make 6″ circles out of a few different patterned cardstock sheets that I had.

I made a sample for the kids, gave them some whole sheets of cardstock, leaves, circles, and paper for the face and feet. Helped where they needed help, and then let them make some leaf turkeys.

These cuties!

The finished turkeys were pretty great, too.