I’m going to start doing some video tutorials for various things. I’ve gone full native with my paper planner obsession, which has existed for years. I just started a dedicated Instagram for it @orangeroomplans.

But it started in earnest a year ago this month, when I bought my Midori Traveler’s Notebook after talking about them and falling in love with my friend Lissa’s Midori. She is one of the Glittersquids; we’re six former GeekMom editors who are starting our own blog about non-parenting stuff. And, Lissa is wild about paper planners. We bonded. She bought a Midori. Then I did. Then two more of us did. And I made this unboxing video about it for our YouTube channel, GlitterSquid.

Now I can’t get enough of the planner community, a collective of (mostly) women who are completely obsessed with various paper planners and agendas. To the point that we decorate them with dazzling arrays of stickers and have more than 1 different planner. I’m now up to 4 planners myself. And, case in point, this is another video I made for GlitterSquid after my fall sticker shopping spree.

So, now I’m starting my own YouTube channel, too. Because GlitterSquid is not just about stationery, and there are only so many videos I can share about that. The first video I made for my own channel, Orange Room Crafts, is a tutorial to make these zipper pouches.



I made a bunch of these to store all of my planner stickers by theme (as you can see in the photo at the top). So, I made a 20 minute tutorial showing you how to make them, too. Be prepared, this blog will have more planner posts coming in the future, and more how to videos.