It took a while, it always takes a while. I didn’t go overboard this year, and if I’d planned better I would’ve put up more decorations. Unlike Christmas, which I start thinking about in July, I just don’t think about Halloween until October 1st. And then it takes me a couple of weeks to get it together, maybe next year I’ll get on top of it.

A lot of our Halloween stuff is homemade, too, which is the other challenge. I have to actually make stuff every year (Halloween quilt is almost finished, photos coming soon). This year–other than the quilt–I didn’t plan anything else. I actually made those glitter pumpkins for Thanksgiving last year, and I have a video tutorial for them! I think I’ll set some calendar dates in late summer to remind me and get me prepping, which is what I do for the Christmas season. I have annual calendar reminders that ping me and help me stay on schedule for things. Maybe next year that’ll be Halloween, too.