The weather hasn’t been spectacular fall weather yet this year, to be honest. But Mother Nature has had it with us, so it’s not that surprising. We’re still trying to do All Of The Fall Things, though, which means basking in apple season. Even when we set out in the morning dressed for fall, and need shorts and tank tops by lunchtime.

We went to Apple Fest at Delicious Orchards just after school started.

The best thing about Delicious Orchards in the fall is the fritter shack. Oh, man. The fritter shack. We have been back several time for their powdered sugar donuts (seen above all over H’s face) and the fritters. Which are possibly my favorite fall thing about living in this area.

Apple Fest had hot dogs with apple chutney, which is strangely delicious. I would eat again.

I’ve also taken H apple picking, and we’ve been working our way through that batch of apples. We didn’t get too many this year, I don’t have time for my usual marathon fruit projects. I’ve made a big batch of apple soup, and I’m going to make these apple pie bars this week, and post that recipe.

We just got the Halloween decorations up today, I haven’t gone through those photos yet. But it’s my favorite season, there will be more fall on the way soon.