A few of the teachers at school went as dominoes this year, and I think this is my new favorite costume! That’s my in the middle between our new speech teacher and our new art teacher. Music and a new 1st grade teacher also went as dominoes, I just loved this.

I made a Morley ghost for the front porch this weekend. When I was a kid we always made a Morley and hung him from the tree next to our apartment. I have no idea why he’s called Morley, I think it was an idea my mom found in a magazine and they named him Morley. But regardless, he’s been a part of my family in one way or another since I was knee high to a grasshopper. And he joined the pumpkins and the new scarecrow I got.

I bought that scarecrow on Amazon, and he’s stuffed with all of my old fabric scraps. I did not, unfortunately, carve pumpkins this year. That’s a first, but I just couldn’t bring myself to deal heavy gourds and guts.