I’m actually having fun decorating for Halloween. Maybe it’s the house part, as opposed to an apartment? I don’t think so because my mom went all out for every holiday-Morley the Ghost was hung from the tree outside our apartment every year, and I loved him. So maybe it’s just me turning into more and more of a domestic goddess with every passing second. This afternoon I watched the remake of Prom Night (okay, I do love terrible horror movies at Halloween-that’s one good thing going for it) and made these Martha Stewart mice I mentioned a few days ago. Hers called for construction paper, but I read some of the comments on that page and got the idea to make mine out of craft foam so I can reuse them year after year. I can’t believe I just admitted to that, but it’s true. I even have a few left to add to my Halloween book display at work. It was actually really fun, and the mice are spooky but adorable. I can handle spooky-but-adorable, as opposed to just-plain-creepy-and-disgusting.

And I have another confession while I’m on the subject of my newfound holiday decorating gene-I was at the fabric store last night and I bought a pattern to make a witch wreath for the front door. Or my library door, I haven’t really decided. I may not even get to it this year, but the pattern also had designs for a Santa wreath. AGH! I never, EVER thought I would be the sort of person who makes gourd diaramas on the porch, spends Sunday afternoon making foam mice for the stairs, and has to have that pattern for witch wreaths. Who am I?!

I am someone who is NOT too cool to make holiday crafts, apparently. This should be news to me, but really I’m not surprised. After all, I’m the girl who made beef stew for her art school friends many a Friday night, tells people proudly that Martha is from her hometown, reads The Cat in the Hat to kids all day, and gets a little too excited when talking to people about baking.