I am so late to the pumpkin carving table this year, it’s been a long week. But today I finally carved up some pumpkins, with Adam’s help. First time he’d ever carved one!

Last year I did spooky villages and jack o’ lanterns painted black. This year I carved “Trick or Treat” into 3 pumpkins (although my “Treat” looks pretty insane). Adam carved a face, and I carved a face, too. Now they’re all glowing on the porch, ready for tomorrow’s trick-or-treaters. Adam took these photos for me, I’m terrible at night-time photos.

I tried to make all the words a different font, but my “Treat” just came out ginormous. The candle inside keeps blowing out because the holes are big and let all the wind in. :/

This was Adam’s pumpkin, and it’s actually my favorite of all of them.

This was my jack o’ lantern. Kind of spooky…sort of.