I’ve spent the past couple of hours carving pumpkins for Halloween. I carved 5 pumpkins using 2 ideas from Martha: black jack o’lanterns and orange spooky villages. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in many years, and this was so much fun. I’m definitely done decorating for Halloween, this is as big as I’ll get this year.

I’m also in love with the colors of our tree and our bushes. Today was the ultimate October day.

jack o'lanterns

Just before dark, when the flash didn’t look too ridiculous. You can see the paint job on the pumpkins here.

red bushes

Our flowerbed bushes have turned this amazing fiery red. I’m in love with all these colors.

painting pumpkins

I cut the bottoms off the black pumpkins and used Krylon spray paint. It flaked a little when I carved them, but I was able to touch up those spots without problems. I couldn’t find floral spray paint.

favorite jack o'lantern

This guy is my favorite.

pumpkins 2

I put a ghost in the window of the far left pumpkin and a bat in one of the windows of the big middle pumpkin.

pumpkins 3

Love it.

ghost pumpkin

Carving the ghost was the most fun.

pumpkin innards

I have tons of pumpkin to use now. These are just the seeds and pulp separated from 2 pumpkins. I haven’t decided yet if I can be bothered to separate the other 3. This took 15 minutes.