halloween13_1 I decided not to decorate inside this year because a certain 2.5′ tall gremlin is into everything. I can only imagine what horrors would await my stair mice or Halloween garlands and piggy banks. But, the outside of the house is ready.

halloween13_3I finally made the Martha Stewart hanging bats after buying all of the supplies a few years ago.

IMG_1607Six bats. And there are 3 Morley ghosts on the porch:


Mama ghost.


Baby ghost. IMG_1703Papa ghost.

IMG_1794Love them! I had old white curtains in my fabric stash, no idea where they came from. But, they served me well here. I used pillow stuffing for the heads and tied them off with yarn. I tried to use clear thread for hanging first, but it kept snapping. I didn’t have any true monofilament in my stash. So I used black and white yarn. I hung everything over the porch using Adam’s Christmas light hooks, which snap onto the gutter. They come with a giant pole for hanging, so I didn’t even have to get on a ladder.

IMG_1783Bats in the belfry. Or something.

IMG_1708H checking out the pumpkins. We got one pumpkin on our outing last weekend, but earlier in the week my mom came down to accompany H and I to Battleview Orchards. We stocked up on cider and cookies…and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins for the porch. Adam thought this might mean we didn’t have to go pumpkin picking, but clearly he hasn’t learned how this holiday works yet. The picked pumpkin is the real deal; the others are the show pumpkins.


The house looks great.