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We really only spent two full days in Mystic, but on Good Friday we had a lazy morning at the hotel and then headed out with Hamilton in tow to grab lunch. We went to Sea View Snack Bar, right down the road from Mystic Seaport, and sat outside with him eating lobster rolls, french fries, and hot dogs. He had his very own hot dog, he was in his doggy glory.

Twisters ice cream is right next door, so after we looked out at the water a bit we went over for some. Hamilton enjoyed the cool breeze while we snacked.

We originally thought we’d take him with us to the Seaport, but with just me and a five-year-old I realized that going to the bathroom, or going inside any building, would be a challenge. So we brought him back to the hotel room to hang out, then we swung back over to the Seaport. Which was a blast, H called it “the playground.”

Obligatory Charles W. Morgan photos:

The playscape of boats outside:

The main building actually had an exhibit on of Nikki McClure’s illustrations. She’s a fantastic picture book illustrator, that was a great surprise. Seeing her paper cuts up close, reading about how every image is cut from a single piece of paper…I was blown away. It was my highlight at the Seaport.

H’s was the children’s museum, we spent quite a long time in there. Very, very cute place.

Everywhere she goes, she finds a quilt to get under. 

After the Seaport we were too tired to sit in a restaurant for dinner, so I picked up some food from Paul’s Pasta on the recommendation of two different friends. It was alright. Cheap and filling, but it wasn’t as tasty as I’d hoped. Other than the snack bar lobster roll, I was a little disappointed with food on this trip in general. Next time I’ll plan more than an hour ahead for meals and figure out some other fun places to take H.

Then it was back to the hotel, walk the dog, play in the pool, go to sleep. One more adventure, and then we headed home.