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I took a break from posting for a few days to finish a deadline. But last Saturday was our last day in Mystic, and we spent the morning at Olde Mistick Village for their Easter egg hunt. Which was such a great last thing to do before we left, if you’re ever in town for any of their family events I really recommend it. We packed up the car and brought Hamilton to their apple orchard with us, which he loved. He was a big hit with many of the little kids out there for the egg hunt, and he was just so excited for sunshine and adventure.

H had a good showing for her age group, and she made some friends while we waited for everything to begin. The kids all ran out together, so she had buddies. Which always makes me happy. And it was just nicely done. All the kids got eggs, it was fairly calm, most parents stayed out of the way and just let the kids be kids (I think that dad is just helping his little one).

Then we got pictures with the Easter Bunny.

It was cool enough, and we found a shady enough parking spot, that we left Hamilton in the car for a little bit while we went to CT Quilt Works (before the egg hunt) and the Christmas store (after the egg hunt) so we could get our traditional souvenir ornaments for the trip.

CT Quilt Works was just fantastic. Liz, the owner’s daughter, was lovely. And H did more shopping than I did, she ran around picking out sea-themed goodies and a special lunchbox to hold her sewing supplies. We didn’t have an Easter basket, so she also used it as her impromptu egg basket.

We got great stuff here. A cut and sew mermaid doll that H is really excited to put together. Some fat quarters. And a pattern for a stuffed seahorse.

And then after the hunt we got ornaments. We did get the usual cheesy commemorative ornament for Mystic, but we also saw these. Basically all of H’s favorite things.

She picked out the black and white cookie ornament, her absolute favorite. I picked up some sushi from Pink Basil on our way back to the car, and then we hit the road. It was a great trip, I’m so glad we booked it last minute. I love a road trip with this girl, and having Hamilton along was a little stressful but also a lot of fun.