I am still trying to get a handle on my collage game in a post-Picasa world. It’s not pretty, but I’ll get there. Adam tells me I’m the last person on Earth who just wants a grid template of vertical pictures. I’m very old fashioned in my collage, apparently.

March was long and wonderful and exhausting and ended with a fizzle. H’s birthday and her grandparents’ visit from England was wonderful, but then we had snow days and sick days. First H had a sore throat, then Adam had a sore throat and a brewing cold, and then for some reason I got full strep throat, 104+ fever, and it felt like I was swallowing glass for a couple of days. It took a while for the fever to stop jumping up and down, but it did. That was just this past week, and now I’m feeling loads better.

But that means now it’s a new month, and I’m still catching up on a lot from the last one. March was also a huge month for inspiration, and ideas, and focus. My hopscotch mat was published in Make Modern. And that kicked off a lot of soul searching, brainstorming, list making, and strategizing about where I want to go next. I have a lot of ideas for this blog, and my work, and the future. And those things are already starting to take shape and be reflected in what I’ve posted this month. Good things ahead, for sure.