I was at Universal a few years ago, when the Harry Potter section was new, but I’d just found out that I was pregnant and couldn’t ride anything. My brother-in-law Thomas and I took a break from Disney and went over to Universal last week. I Harry Potter’d! I did so much Harry Pottering!


The menagerie was very cool, but I couldn’t decide on anything to adopt.


Frozen butterbeer. Amazing. IMG_2253-001

Loved the Gringotts ride. IMG_2254-001

I got a new wand at Olivander’s! I think my old one was left behind at a previous teaching job, I haven’t been able to find it for a few years. So, I was matched with a new interactive wand. IMG_2257

I gave them H’s birthday as the special date to match me with a wand, and I got an ash wand that’s especially well suited for creatives. Boom.

I cast spells all over the two Harry Potter sections. I made it rain under that umbrella.


The hole in the wall to get into Diagon Alley.


The Hogwarts Express.




So much candy!


Hogwarts from afar.IMG_2282-001

My BIL and I split up for most of the day, since I just wanted to spend the morning doing Harry Potter things and then head back to the rest of our group. So, I had a glorious lunch on my own at Universal City Walk, at The Cowfish. I got these Parmesan truffle fries with bacon, which were huge and amazing. I barely made a dent in them. IMG_2291-001

And, The Boss sushi roll. Which was also enormous, and also delicious. I did not finish all this food, but I have no regrets. IMG_2294-001

No regrets!