We just got back from a Spring Break trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon (with Cora and Ian), so I’ll be posting some trip photos for the next few days!

We stayed at ARIA, and the food was incredible. We had breakfast (and snacks) at Jean-Philippe Patisserie pretty much every day we were there. ARIA is owned by the same company as the Bellagio, which has the original Jean-Philippe Patisserie. But I thought this one was better.

The Dulce de Leche Brioche was out of this world.

Cinnammon Rolls to die for.

We bought chocolates for the road.

We had tapas at Julian Serrano. This was our first dinner with Cora and Ian, who arrived a day after we did. We weren’t sure how they’d take to Vegas, but after this meal I think they were pretty happy to be there.

So much deliciousness. Pan manchego, sauteed baby spinach, chicken croquetas, and brava potatoes.

I thought about these tuna cones for days after.

Cora taking in the surroundings. They had just landed a couple of hours before.

We had a big blow-out meal at Sage on Tuesday night, our last night before heading to the Grand Canyon. It was excellent, but too fancy for me to take photos at the table. All I will say is, the Foie Gras Creme Brulee with buttered brioche was so unspeakably good that I could have licked the bowl clean. If I hadn’t been in polite company.

Most of our best dining was in ARIA, but we did leave the hotel, I swear. And there was one spot in particular that I loved: Holsteins Shakes and Buns in The Cosmopolitan.

Lemon Drop and Brown Cow "Bamboozled Shakes". Dear. God.

Crispy pork belly buns and mini Maine lobster rolls. Amazing.

And the pink cow had me at “hello.”

I think I need to make an annual pilgrimage to Vegas now. I’ve been before, but not like this.